Life Coaching


Early on in our lives, our GPS coordinates were set to a specific location, a certain point or stage in our lives. 


No one, however, took us beyond that point. We had to discern for ourselves the right course for our own journey. Along the way, however, we have become distracted, detached and disillusioned. What happens next? Where and who do we turn to? Our friends? Our family? Our faith? All, of course, are great resources. For some, it's just what we need to get back on track.


So why then a life coach? The life coach does not have an agenda or carry any bias. I'm your coach, your biggest fan, the one who will motivate you and keep you honest! We'll set a plan in motion by identifying your obstacles and get you thinking and moving towards a healthy and positive outlook.  


Let's get you back on the road!


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Wellness Coaching


One of the most important aspects of your life is your health, both emotional and physical. 


We live in a fast-paced and stressful world where we are spiraling and trying to make sense of it all. What suffers is our mental and physical well-being. Loss of control leads and manifests itself in many different ways. Overeating, inactivity, depression are just some of the by-products. At times it seems insurmountable.


Surprisingly, the answers to gain control and the knowledge to persevere, lie within all of us. Let's explore the hurdles that are keeping you from leading the life you have wanted for yourself or the one you want to return back to. There aren't magic potions or supplements here, just open and honest dialog. 


Let's get you back on track!


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Career/Retirement Coaching


Coming to crossroads in your career is not uncommon these days. The probability that you will be employed by the same employer when you retire, is very unlikely. What tools do you need to make that career change or promotion happen? Should I stay or should I go? We will explore what is holding you back from feeling good about yourself and your career.


Retirement is a life-changing event. One that undoubtedly is met with trepidation and many restless nights. How do you know if you are ready to retire? Do you feel you are financially secure?


For both situations, it will require a little self-exploration and adjustment in your thinking.


Let's get a game plan started towards achieving your retirement goals!



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Relationship Coaching


Let's take the emotion out of the relationship and see it for what it is. So many times we are blinded by our feelings and miss the red flags. Whether it's a professional or personal relationship, it's important to know your place in it.


We'll dissect and discover the good and bad!


Let's gain a fresh perspective!


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